Hours Eyes - Hour Eyes Springfield Va

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Been there 4 times for one pair of glasses.No one seems toreally care once they have your money.

Glasses so crooked I can't even wear them that's after I waited 2 weeks for them then another 2 weeks becuase lenses were so scratched. I am not entirely sure they didn't just clean up the glasses and told me they were a reorder. Went again today since I haven't been able to wear them due to the fact that one arm is so crooked it was crazy. I was told they're suppose to be like that since one ear might be higher than the other.

Explain to me why I bought 2 pairs and only one is that way. It was so apparant even the girl said oh yeah they are crooked she bent them and said try that for a few days and see. They were so rude and didn't seen to give a rats behind.

What a shame I am going back and getting my money back for both pair had enough.I

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